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Local Information

Darjeeling Weather During March

The temperature in the month of March will fluctuate between 6°C (43°F) and 17°C (62°F). The weather will be quite chilly in the mornings and night, but the days during these months are usually graced with warm sunshine. Also this is the time when the Rhododendrons and Magnolia are in full Bloom in Darjeeling.

This time of the year is a great time for Trekking, picnicking and sightseeing in and around the Darjeeling Town. Spectacular panoramic views of the mountains, valleys, rivers, and fields under the clear blue sky is a sight to behold. 

Since the weather is usually chilly it's suggested that warm clothes be brought by all members coming for the convention.

Things to do and tourist information

Power Supply

The operational power supply in Darjeeling is 230V supply voltage at 50Hz.


Most of the Restaurants and Hotels on this site are within walking distance from the Venue where the Convention is being held. However, there are a number of taxi stands around town where you hire a taxi to take you for short and long distances. The fare according to Indian standards is quite reasonable.

These are the taxi stands

Old Club Side Motor Stand

Upper Club Side Motor Stand

Club Side Motor Stand

Club Side Taxi Stand on Google Maps

Currency Exchange

There are a number of official currency exchange centers in Darjeeling for people wanting to exchange foreign currency. Most of the ATMs in the country accept international debit and credit cards to give out cash. Almost all Hotels and Restaurants in Darjeeling will accept international debit and credit cards. Some of the official currency exchange centers nearest to the venue are:

  1. Ridhi-Sidhi IGOMC, Near Capitol Hall, Ladenla Road,Darjeeling.

  2. ICICI Bank, Near Capitol Hall, Ladenla Road,Darjeeling.


Language and Culture

There is no language or cultural issue to be considered while visiting Darjeeling. The people of Darjeeling are a vibrant and are quite modern. You can get all kinds of cuisines at the different restaurants around the venue. We even have a KFC and Dominos. There are some world-famous restaurants which will serve you all kinds of cuisines. The official language in Darjeeling is English.

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